Team Leaders

Our Expedition leader Ron is a former military trainer. He is highly knowledgeable, with an extensive cultural and outdoor survival background, as well as medical training

Team Members

Every team member plays a real and active role as part of  an interdependent team



Each expedition has a specific goal, whether it is reaching a  tribe, uncovering a settlement, or documenting an event


We take only the bare essentials. We limit the volume and weight of equipment, food, and clothes to absolute minimum

Choose one of our 2013 expeditions

You and your horse: Through narrow mountain passes and across the wide open steppe, searching for the Tsaatan tribe up in the barren, snow-decked Altai mountains. Take part in the annual Naadan festival in the most remote and authentic area of Mongolia, experience crossing a river with horses on a home-made ferry, and get to know ancient, rapidly disappearing cultures.

A True Nomadic Adventure, Mongolia $3.749 July 2 -17, 2013


For thousands of years, reindeer herders have roamed the taiga of northern Mongolia, a hauntingly beautiful wilderness of mountains, forest, rock and ice which straddles the country’s border with Siberia. The reindeer herders rely on their animals for transportation, and for the staples of their diet: milk, cheese, yogurt and dried milk curds.

Discover the Reindeer herders of Mongolia $2.799 July 20 – 30, 2013


Explore 2000 km of jeep tracks that crisscross the Gobi desert in a 4×4 military jeep. Discover gemstone mines, calcified forests and dinosaur cemeteries littered with fossils, as well as natural coal deposits, unexpected lush green oases, immense canyons, and magnificent sand dunes. The Gobi is approximately 500,000 square miles, and the word Gobi means waterless place

The Gobi Desert, Mongolia $4.749 August 05 – August 24, 2013


Trace the perimeter of magnificent Lake Baikal and discover the tribes that live at the waters edge. Lake Baikal is the deepest fresh water lake in the world. 1, 642 m deep, it contains an incredible 20% of the world’s fresh water. At 25 million years old, it is also the worlds most ancient lake. Two thirds of the 1,700 plants and animals found in Lake Baikal can be found nowhere else on Earth.

Circumnavigating Lake Baikal, Siberia $3.599. September 2 – 14, 2013


Cross the last untamed wetland of South America, the vast floodland of the Pantanal! On this adventure, you will visit the biologically most diverse part of Brazil. Witness how at the end of the dry season the desperate struggle for survival draws thousands of species, both predators and non-predators to the remains of water: riverbeds, lakes, watering holes.

Wildlife Photography, Brazil $3.599 September 7 – September 31st


Argentina is one of the last bastions of real horsemanship, of man living in daily contact with the horse. Famous for its quality of cattle, breed of horses and riding style, Argentina has a lot to offer for anyone interested in long distance riding or horses

Herding Cattle on Horseback, Argentina $4,599 October 10 – October 24, 2013


Driving through stunning mountain scenery you will arrive to the windswept Salmah Plateau of Oman. You will descend into one of the largest known chambers and follow your professional spelunker guide into the unknown. In the next few days discover the rugged Hajar Mountains through watersheds, wadis, climbing up cliff faces and descending down waterfalls.

The Underworld, Oman $3.359 October 27 – November 02, 2013


Despite being one of the major tourist destinations of the world and boasting a rich heritage of Bedouin culture, only Real Expeditions offers authentic, multi-day desert travel on camel back in the United Arab Emirates.

Camel Caravans and Sand Dunes, UAE $2.239 Nov 7 – Nov 15 & Nov 16 – Nov 24, 2013


Standing on the edge of snow, ice and rock and gazing into this hot, steamy, green valley… the Andes and the Amazon: it is ethereal! Come join us on a fascinating expedition to Peru, where you descend from snow-capped glaciers to the steamy Amazon-basin in three weeks, hiking and canoeing cross-country with untouched Nature all around you.

From the Glaciers to the Rainforest, Peru $4,999 December 1- December 20, 2013