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Traveling is a mindset. Exploring is a lifestyle. Life is out there.

Dare to go. Dare to search.

Dare 2 live!

News & Updates
New Mongolia and Lake Baikal Siberia expeditions!
June 01, 2013
Our most popular trip has launched its new dates for 2013. Take your pick from these four unique offers. Follow the reindeer herding nomads of Mongolia with us, or stretch out this experience on a 17 day trip by joining: A true nomadic adventure, Mongolia, voted Most Amazing Tour of Asia in 2012. You can also observe the desert lifestyle of the locals on our expedition: Crossing the Gobi with a 4x4 jeep, or trace the perimeter of magnificent Lake Baikal and discover the tribes that live at the waters edge.Read more

New expedition! Tracing the River Lena through Siberia
March 2, 2012
We have planned a daring and exciting scouting expedition to Siberia for a potential group of 3 trained explorers. The team will be dropped off by helicopter in the barren upper parts of Siberia. After building and setting up base camp they will descend...Read more

New Facebook page
February 8, 2012
NNow we are on Facebook! Visit and like us at Real Expeditions

Mongolia Adventure and Expedition dates announced.
January 3, 2012
4 adventures, one destination! Our most popular trip has launched its new dates for 2012. Take your pick from these four unique offers. Follow the reindeer herding nomads of Mongolia with us, or stretch out this experience on a 17 day trip by joining...  Read more

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The next expedition
Exploring the mighty Lena, Russia
Float down the mighty River Lena on rubber boats, fishing and collecting wild fruit on the way. Read more
Destination Russia Suggested travel season Jul - Aug Estimated price per group (USD) $ 25000
Level of difficulty Level 3 - explorer Participation req. Explorers Club membership, completed Level 2 trip, fittness level 2   View Details
Method of travel hiking, rafting Estimated length of expedition 15 days  
The next adventure
A true nomadic adventure, Mongolia
You and your horse: through narrow mountain passes and across the wide open steppe. Read more
Destination Mongolia Date Jun 30 - Jul 14,
Jul 16 - 31
Cost of trip $ 4,500
Level of difficulty Level 2 - adventurer Trip duration 15 days   View Details
Method of travel horseback,
4x4, hiking
Max. number of participants 10  
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Visit unexplored lands

Go to places no one has even heard of and see things very few have ever seen. Real Expeditions has spent long years scouting the face of the Earth in search of the untouched, the authentic and the unusual. We have found lands and people unaffected by commercial tourism and areas about which very little is known. Join us on our adventures/expeditions where modern civilization is left behind.

Dedicated explorers - just like you

Good traveling company is essential on any trip! With us you can be sure to meet only like-minded fellow travelers who are part of a responsible and open-minded team. Learn from each other, swap stories over the campfire, give and get practical advice and exchange professional support. Face every challenge and admire all beauty as one team! Such special bonds last a lifetime!

Experience and knowledge: step by step…

Our badge system is designed to help you monitor your development as an adventurer/explorer. Starting as Traveler, move on to Adventurer, challenge your strengths and skills as Explorer, and finally graduate as a tried and tested Survivor. We help you with every step along the way: fitness plans, dietary advice and personal training courses. We take your survival seriously!

Stay high and dry with us!

All our equipment has been carefully tested and selected by our expedition leaders for each and every trip. Destination specific extras and free basic explorer packs are provided by our sponsors. We also offer our members unbeatable prices on extra gear (travel gadgets, clothing, and electronics) through our cutting edge partners in the travel adventure and extreme sport industry.

Help cultures live on

Wherever we go we try reducing the impact of our presence on the environment and to give back something to the indigenous people who welcome us. You will have a chance to get involved in active missions that help protect natural habitats, reduce carbon footprint and support local communities. At each destination we establish a local NGO, and channel 50% of trip's profits to various projects.
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What's the difference: Expedition vs Adventure


Our Expeditions category trips are the ultimate challenge for the prepared and experienced traveler. You will be embarking on multi-day hikes through unexplored areas. Crossing vast stretches of unmapped wilderness. You will be faced with survival challenges and you will take part in scientific explorations. Venturing to places that test your ability to persevere; pushing your body to the limit in the harshest conditions and with the most demanding activities. You will be an equal and important member of an efficient team.

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Real Expedition Adventure category trips are designed for those travelers who are in search of unusual and the authentic experiences, but who are not yet ready to meet the challenges that a hard-core professional expedition would pose. We have combined unique destinations with doable itineraries. Our adventures consist of easy to moderate hikes, cultural immersion trips and cross-country voyages where civilization is never too far away. But this does not mean that you need to miss out on the wild side of adventure travel.

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Trail Talk
"So wild and crazy! The people here are mad and free! Although I was happy to be in a group and not on my own….and the view from the mountain tops is worth having that saddle bum!" –Evelyn, The Netherlands.
The highlands on horseback, Guatemala.
"I just wanted to say thanks so much for everything. I've had one of the most extraordinary weeks of my life; I really enjoyed it, even when I thought I could push that pedal no more. Our guide couldn't have been better." –Liz Raleigh, USA.
The wheels of history: cycling though Cuba.
"I can only say that I was truly sorry when we had to head back to civilization! I must have seen more variety in these two weeks than in my whole life! It was tough and testing, but I will never forget the experience." –Dom Madwick, UK.
The forgotten Mosquito-coast, Honduras.
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